Interactive Year Planner

Display a year planner for any year between 1589 and 2050. Optionally sign in to a Google account and display events from the calendar on the year planner.


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About Interactive Year Planner


This started out as a response to the fact that Google Calendar does not have an option to display a year's worth of events as a Year Planner. I orginally wanted it so that I could display the rentals at a villa I own in Spain to show when it was booked and when free at a glance. Hopefuly others will find it useful, I know lots of people like Year Planners - they still appear on lots of office walls!

One idea I had was that the Year Planner could be displayed on a large screen on a wall replacing the old paper documents, there are lots of other possible uses, maybe as part of a history project showing when historical events happened and how they overlapped?

The source code is on Github. Maybe people who really know what they are doing can enhance it further.

Anyway I hope you find this useful and fun.


If you want to get in touch then please send an email to

Bear in mind that I run this as a hobby, there may be (almost certainly will be!) bugs. When I have some spare time I will try and fix reported problems. Also there is lots of functionality that could be added, but only a limited amount of time and expertise to do this. So by all means send in your requests, but be aware that I may not be able to respond in a timely manner, or even at all, to all messages.

Abusive and trolling type messages will be flagged as spam, reported and senders blocked.

Browser compatibility

Year Planner was developed using Chrome, it seems to work okay in Firefox, with slight formatting issues. On Internet Explorer, Chrome on Android, Chrome on iPad, Safari on iPad, and Safari on iPhone the sign in function sometimes does not work. I have not tested other options.

Calendar Access

You must have at least Read access "See all event details" to the calendars. If you only have "See only free/busy access" nothing wll be displayed. If you do not have "Make change to events" access you will not be able to do updates.